Family Selection

Family Selection

Family Selection

Families are selected using HFMA’s family selection criteria by HFHMA’s Family Selection Committee . They will recommend the selected applicant to HFHMA’ s Board of directors. The family selection criteria are listed below. Residency: Applicant(s) must have been residents of the Marshall area for at least one year This area includes the City of Marshall and extends about two miles outside the city limits.

Need for Adequate Shelter:

Current housing must have at least one of the following problems:

  1. Code violations in plumbing, roof or other major housing system
  2. Inadequate heating system or climate control
  3. Severe structural problems
  4. Safety threats such as hazardous or‘ toxic materials or irreparable barriers for the physically challenged
  5. Overcrowding as defined by the U. S. Census as more than one person per room. 

Ability to Pay

To determine an applicant’s ability to pay for the home, the following will be considered:

  1. Income must be at least 30% of the most recent HUD Median Family income by household size, but not more than 80%. A chart is available to calculate this. It varies by family size.
  2. Estimated housing costs (house payments, taxes, utilities, and insurance) should not be more than 30 percent of the applicant‘s stable gross income.
  3. Debts should not exceed 10 percent of the applicant(s) income after subtracting projected housing costs. Examples of debts are car payments, store credit payments, credit card payments, and other monthly payments. A recent credit report is required, available free at
  4. Applicant(s) shall have sufficient income to cover living expenses such as child care, food, clothing, and other living expenses. Sufficient income shall be considered to be 30% of income that is not obligated to housing costs and debt payments.

Willingness to Partner Applicants indicate their willingness to partner by

  1.  Completing a  minimum of 350 sweat equity hours before buying their home with up to 110 hours credit given for educational courses.
  2. Participating in HFHMA activities
  3. Agreeing to start 0 down payment savings account and save an amount equal to 1.5% of the selling price of the house.
  4. Demonstrating an understanding of the responsibility for monthly house payments and care of the home.

HFHMA wishes to help families with the greatest need. When the number of qualified applicants is greater than HFHMA can help in a timely manner. Those with the greatest need will be selected first.  Those with the greatest need are families with the lowest qualifying income and / or families living in the worst housing conditions. Those not selected may reapply the next time applications are accepted.